• Coatings
  • Primers
  • Dyes & Stains
  • Renewable Finishes
  • Substrate Prep & Repair
  • Cleansers
High-performance, water based systems chemically engineered for superb protection of concrete, engineered cement, and natural stone (metal sealers also available); products for virtually every application from light-use residential to highest-traffic retail, to walls, to warehouse with fork-lifts; for interior and exterior use; all available clear or colored with RJSC Collodial Dyes; for use alone or with RJSC primers.

Chemically engineered for the specific properties of new and existing concrete, engineered cement, gypsum-based flooring, and natural stone; all colorable with RJSC Colloidal Dyes for design or repair.

Proprietary liquid dyes chemically formulated for permanent INTEGRAL bonding in virtually all engineered poured and trowel-down cements, many gypsum-based mixes, grout and concrete; and in RJSC aqueous resin coatings for TOPICAL coloring and staining of a wide range of substrates. Almost any color can be matched, almost any design achieved from a solid, single color to a multi-colored translucent stain
Easy-to-apply, resin-based aqueous finishes for high protection and durability yet strippable for renewal as needed.

Fast-application, fast-dry conditioners that strengthen and stabilize cement, concrete and natural stone, both existing and newly installed, in preparation for RJSC primers and sealer coats; and a colorable, aqueous high-performance Elastomeric for crack repair.

Sophisticated chemistry in just three SKU’s to perform a full range of tasks, from removal of hydraulic oil to daily cleaning of fine marble, always with highest effectiveness and cost efficiency.