• Sealing Concrete, Engineered Gypsum and Cements
  • Coloring or Staining Concrete, Engineered Gypsum and Cements
  • Sealing Concrete Countertops
  • Protecting Natural Stone
  • Cleaning, Coloring and/or Protecting Grout
  • Cleaning and Ongoing Maintenance
  • Cleaning, Protecting and/or Renovating Tile

RJSC offers a line of Sealers, Primers and Substrate Conditioners that have each been developed, tested and evolved over many years for specific chemical compatibility with defined substrates.

RJSC was among the first to develop products specifically for self-leveling cement. With over 1.5 million square feet installed over these substrates, RJSC has continuously refined products to meet the increasingly stringent requirements for adhesion, durability and slip safety characteristics. Additional products such as our G-SeriesTM Primer have been developed for specific compatibility with the newest gypsum-based materials.

Customers have the choice of dramatic color-enhancing epoxies and urethanes; or acrylics and urethanes that leave substrates virtually as is. Protection is available for virtually every type of potential chemical and physical contamination. We also offer a choice of finishes from Matte to Gloss, and including the highest durability Anti-Skid finishes available.

Whether clear or colored, over concrete or self-levelers, over a trowel-down cement or gypsum, the abrasion resistance of RJSC products make them todays systems of choice.

RJSC offers the most versatile, easy to use, and distinctive line of water-borne colorants available. Our liquid Colloidal Dyes can be used for INTEGRAL coloring of cement, grout and concrete; and for TOPICAL coloring of virtually any substrate, from application as a solid opaque, to color-toning, to mottled staining. UV stable for interior and exterior use! Thousands of colors are already available, from the brightest reds to true black, to the most subtle greys; and virtually any color or design can be custom matched to meet specific design objectives

RJSC offers stringently tested, performance-proven systems for concrete and cement countertops that will withstand even the toughest stains like lemon juice and wine while also delivering truly extraordinary resistance to abrasion. The most popular system is two coats of StoneLok™ “E3” water-borne epoxy and one coat of StoneLok “2K” CT crystal clear polyurethane. Select a Gloss, Low Gloss or XTRA Low Gloss finish. If a totally flat matte is an absolute requirement, two coats of StoneLok MLT Plus can be used.   

O-S/W™ Substrate Conditioner is often applied to help ensure highest possible bonding capacity of the coatings. G-Series™ primer, with its amazingly tenacious bonding capacity, sometimes replaces StoneLok “E3” for very tight or problematic substrates.  StoneLok “2K” is preferred on its own over GFRC and natural stone countertops such as honed granite.  

ARML™ Protector is available as a additional protective layer for those who want to preserve their countertop(s) by regularly renewing with this wipe-on, high-shine treatment.  

From protection of flamed granite in a mass-transportation center, to invisible protection of exterior limestone walls, from acid-free polishing of hotel marble floors, to protection and strengthening of exterior slate, RJSC offers a high-performance product for virtually every installation.
Grout is among the most difficult of materials to maintain. Without proper protection, new grout installations become quickly contaminated. Over time, these installations become so contaminated and/or damaged that they are impossible to restore to their original condition. With RJSC products, new grout can be easily and fully protected from oils and other contamination with either renewable or more permanent sealers. And older grout can be effectively cleaned with stone- and tile-safe cleansers; and as needed, the original grout color (or another) can be restored.
With just four products, you can accomplish virtually the full range of cleaning and degreasing tasks, from removal of oils and waxes to daily cleaning of marble, tile and sealed surfaces. The StoneClean products offer extremely high effectiveness and also cost-efficiency since they are sold as Concentrates and used in dilutions of up to 1:100 in water. Renewable protection products, including an invisible non-silicone impregnator, a highest-durability resin/wax and a non-acidic stone hardener/polish, are appropriate to a wide range of buildings materials – from exterior stone to tile to concrete and sealed engineered cement.

Tile is often sold and installed without any reference to proper maintenance protocols. RJSC products have been developed to provide protection and cleaning effectiveness that will ensure maintaining the original look for years. Products are available for both permanent and renewable protection.

Tiles installations that have become severely contaminated can be beautifully restored, as seen in these photos. And for ceramic or porcelain tile that is slippery, an anti-skid finish can be applied that will not damage the tiles the way acid-treatments do